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A Fun and Informative Look at Wine,Beer,Food and Life

About Wine, Beer and Food will appear in installments and include fun and useful information about wine and wineries,recipes,beer and breweries as well as local products, some history and related news and newsmedia recognition about The Black Sheep Wine and Beer Shop and our friends in the wine and beer industry.We hope you enjoy these articles and welcome your feedback!

  Cool Stash
  How Many Grapes Are in Your Bottle of Wine?
  We'll Always Have Paris
  Cider Time
  The Bacchus Bottle
  Who's Your Daddy?
  Critters Among the Vines
  Dirty Little Secrets
  Open Up, Wine Police!
  Old Is Relative
  The End is Near
  Frozen Assets

Eiswein production.

  Weeds and Wildflowers
  Madeira, the wine

Information about Madeira wine , written by the owners of Black Sheep Wine and Beer Store, who carry Madeira wine in their store on the coast of Maine in the fishing village of Harpswell . 

  Clan of The Cave Beer

What styles of beer are the best for cellaring?  

  Glow Wine

Learn about  mulled wines. Text Black Sheep Wine and Beer Shop.

  Glogg Recipe
  Jamie Oliver's Mulled Wine Recipe for the Holidays
  How Do You Get A Vineyard Into A Suitcase?

Global Climate changes effect on vineyards.

  Original Zin

What do you know about Zinfandel? 

  Vin De Maine

 The grapes that are being grown in Maine with success.

  Maine Native American Place- Names and Language

This is an interesting list of Native American place names and their meaning, which reference many towns and places in Maine which may be familiar to you. This has nothing to do with wine or beer or food per se, although local fish are mentioned, it is a good historical reference for those interested in our local history.

  Drinking History

A short piece on the role of wine and beer throughout history.  


 We like to serve new recipes and we hope you share these and like them, too! Most of these are tried and true recipes from local restaurants and great chefs!  Some are prize winners from the State of Maine Lobster Council. S   S   mORE 

  An Appetite for Beer

Harmonious beer and food pairings . 

  Motley Cru

Deciphering the meaning of wine words.

  Vin de Maine

 A list of hardy cold climate grapes for Maine.

  Good Books and Movies about Wine

Some of the best books ever written about wine! Encyclopedias, reference books, memoirs, novels, essays .Cheers!   

  Cheese and Wine or Beer Pairing

Smart matches for your enjoyment of cheese with wine or beer. 

  ,The Boston Globe-World Class Wine Where You Least Expect It, The Black Sheep Wine Shop
  The Forecaster Article: The Black Sheep Wine Shop

Here are about 10  good recipes from local Maine restaurants, businesses or people, who utilize fresh, local ingredients, mostly seafood, blueberries or local cheeses.We hope you find them interesting and  enjoy trying something new!

  Lobster Wine

Best Wine pairings with Maine lobster!

  What's Love Got To Do With It?

The art of great winemaking takes attitude!

  Award Winning Maine Lobster Recipes
  Wine Shows- Running with the Bulls in Maine

Attending commercial wine tastings are akin to running with the bulls.

  The Famous Wine Marathon of Medoc



Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health; consume with moderation. The legal drinking age to purchase and consume alcohol in Maine is 21.

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