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Wine Appreciation Classes with Black Sheep Wine and Beer Shop


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Wine Appreciation Day Classes




Here’s a  way to have loads of  fun on a  Sunday afternoon! 


Increase Your Wine Knowledge and Taste some of the World's Greatest Wines; 
call or e-mail to reserve a seat for our next in the series- spaces are  limited .


 Each session will cover one of the world’s great wine regions. We will cover the grapes, the winemakers, the terroir , the traditions ,history and food pairings. These are not your typical wine dinner wines as we are independent  and free to  choose the finest wines of that region from many portfolios.  

     Wine appreciation sessions will be once a month, at a local restaurant, on Sunday afternoons and lasting for about two hours.  The schedule will be open-ended, continuing as long as interest dictates.  We will occasionally bring in experts on various wines or regions, importers and wine writers.     

 These will not be “sit still, pay attention, serious classes,” but open discussions that are fun and informative, relaxed and suitable for all levels of wine interest. We will taste the typical wines of the region and learn how to distinguish them from others. During the series we will talk about how to buy wine, how to serve it, how to store it, ordering wine in a restaurant and what to do about a “bad bottle.”  In addition we will address how wine is made, wine terminology , how to decipher a label, tips and more.

 We invite you to join us in exploring the fascinating world of wine appreciation.  The cost will be $ 30.00 per session which will cover wine, hors d'oeuvres, and written materials.  Please look for current wine appreciation schedule on our facebook page  or e-mail us for more up to the minute information.The classes are typically in the fall or winter only.

*Please note the class schedule has been suspended for now. New classes will be posted here or on facebook page. Stay Tuned. 



Please avoid wearing cologne or perfume at the session as it affects the ability to smell and taste the wine. We will be glad to refund or reschedule if you need to cancel, however we require at least 24 hours notice. Walk-ins are welcome provided we have enough space, although reservations are always the best option.










Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health; consume with moderation. The legal drinking age to purchase and consume alcohol in Maine is 21.

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