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Tailwind, a novel by John F.VerPlanck

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In December of 1989, Pacific Air Flight 55, a Boeing 747C, departs Los Angeles,bound for Tahiti.  It never arrives.  It seems to be a hijacking gone terribly wrong.  A determined insurance investigator doesn't think so.  His search takes him from the hills of San Francisco to the jungles of Brazil and finally to Rio de Janeiro.  Where is the aircraft and what happened to the people on board?

   TAILWIND takes up the narrative with the departure of South Atlantic Airways Flight 782 from Rio de Janeiro, en route to Lisbon, Portugal.  An in-flight emergency changes everything and sparks an INTERPOL operation that encompasses much of Europe. Secrets and deception are the dangerous route that keep investigators guessing and always one step behind their prey. What will they uncover and what is the ultimate cost of freedom?


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