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Wine Book and Wine

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We carry several terrific books about wine.

One that we sell is a best seller year after year for those learning about wine . It is called the Wine Bible by Karen McNeil. The Wine Bible has 928

pages, over 500 photos, detailed maps and charts.But it is very easy reading and is thoughtfully 

presented in a simple but comprehensive way. She is amusing and not stuffy at all! We sell the

book for 19.98. A good gift ! Add a wine from one of the places that she features or a

corkscrew or wine glasses and you'll be sure to please your favorite wine lover!

We like Michael Sanders book, "Families of The Vine" as well. It is a factual account of the authors experiences living in Southwestern France  for two years among several families of winegrowers and following their process through the seasons,   specifically growing the local wine of Cahors (Malbec) . A true picture of the exacting methods required for modern winemaking as well as the lifestyle and business of creating wine from the growers point of view in this region of France where winemaking goes back 2000 years!  The author discovers that making wine is as much about the  personalities and very human qualities of the winemakers as it is about the technical aspects. It is very entertaining, well written and full of warmth and authenticity.     We have signed  first edition copies selling for $25, hard cover. 



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