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Gift Selections of quality wine and beer

 Gift Certificates

 Gift CertificatesGGPeople love to browse our wine and beer selection and a gift certificate is especially appropriate for those friends who appreciate good quality wines and beers.

The small production, family estate wines and craft beers that we carry are the product of people who pour their passion and energy into what they'te making. We strive to carry the best and we always have something new and tasty! We accept special orders as well.

Gift certificates may be in any amount and have no expiration date. We can mail it to you or to your recipient along with our brochure.


Gift Hampers

We specialize in fun, festive, gift hampers that are filled with luscious gourmet treats and superb wines and/or beers in a classy presentation that you'll be proud to give.

Popular hampers of all Maine Made products are available for purchase.

We deliver locally to local B and B's, Inns and boats at  local Marinas, too! Unfortunately, we do not mail our gift baskets or wine/beer at this time.

Contact us to request a Gift Hamper by telephone or by using the Contact page .

Our gift hamper prices start at $50.00.



Buy Our Beer Sampler Gift Pack; it holds 8 bottles ( 11-16 ounces each)  and typically costs $25.00 to $35.00  for a mix of craft beers from near and far.

Or we can put together any number of delicious brews in a gift metal tub or hamper, just let us know what you'd like!

We carry Maine craft beer and can put together a large assortment of local brews in a gift box, too! To order, just use the contact form.  

The legal drinking age in Maine is 21, so any of our delivery orders must be signed for by someone who is 21 or older.



Artisan chocolates are a real treat! You can get spoiled, though, once you get used to the good stuff... Luckily, it's available! 

We have Dean's Sweets (of Maine) fresh ganache Truffles, Fleur de Sel Caramels  and Buttercreams. We carry handmade Maine chocolates, bars from Lake Champlain, Endangered Species,El Ray and Valrhona as well.

Heavenly chocolate caramel and pecan turtles, nut clusters, buttercrunch, peanut butter cups, toffee,dark chocolate dipped cream peppermints or coconut cream needhams and more, all here at The Black Sheep, gift boxed or buy by the piece.

Corkscrews,Wine Racks and Glassware

When you have the right tool for the job, everything is easier. Corkscrews are no exception. We carry everyday, quality corkscrews as well as special hand forged designer openers.

You’ll find wine preservers, too, as well as aerators, bottle pens and Champagne stoppers.

We carry our favorite Design School  and bentwood Wave tabletop wine racks .

The right glass can enhance your enjoyment; we carry a classical selection to purchase.

Special Wines and Beers


We specialize in quality small production wines and beers. We’ll be happy to help you put together a special gift and present it in a classy way, too. We have wine bags and gift boxes to accommodate your needs.

We carry hundreds of different wines and a large assortment of beers; we have access to thousands more through our distributors, so don't be shy about asking if you have a wine or beer you like that we don't have on the shelf. If it's available in Maine we can order it for you. We are not wine or beer snobs; whatever choice you’re looking for we want to help you find it!

Vintage wines are available in limited quantities.

The Black Sheep proudly supports " Buy Local" efforts and community  building organizations. Many of our wines,beers and foods are produced either locally , here in Maine, or from small, family owned and operated farms and vineyards.Buy Local, it makes a difference.

When you shop locally,at locally owned stores, unlike chain stores, you are keeping your dollars circulating in your community and strengthening your own community.

We support Maine green energy by buying all our electricity through 100% clean, Maine - made renewable resources.

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The co-owner of The Black Sheep Wine and Beer Store, John F. VerPlanck has written several novels. Pacific Air 55 Is Missing and it's sequel, Tailwind, are both available in print at our store. John will sign your copy if you like.They are fast- paced stories  of intrigue: a mystery, a crime, six friends and an international chase. 

Pacific Air 55 Is Missing :In December of 1989, Pacific Air Flight 55, a Boeing 747C, departs Los Angeles,bound for Tahiti.  It never arrives.  It seems to be a hijacking gone terribly wrong.  A determined insurance investigator doesn't think so.  His search takes him from the hills of San Francisco to the jungles of Brazil and finally to Rio de Janeiro.  Where is the aircraft and what happened to the people on board?

   TAILWIND takes up the narrative with the departure of South Atlantic Airways Flight 782 from Rio de Janeiro, en route to Lisbon, Portugal.  An in-flight emergency changes everything and sparks an INTERPOL operation that encompasses much of Europe. Secrets and deception are the dangerous route that keep investigators guessing and always one step behind their prey. What will they uncover and what is the ultimate cost of freedom?


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